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Films Competition

For 42nd year of the competition IUTUT, entries can be from individuals, teams of filmmakers, film copyright owners, authors AND distriburors. Art schools students´ films are also accepted except graduate work.

Video recordings, shots, documentaries and actualities of young filmamakers under 15 are welcome.

Films must have been completed within the past 3 years. Presentations in other competitions isn´t limited and gives possibility to be presented at IUTYT.

Documentary, publicity, photojournalistic, scripted, acted and animated films are acceptable as entries. The application form is available on the addresse: www.tsttt.cz. There is no limit to the number of entries. EACH Film must be registered separately.

Any photographs and advertising materials for our catalogue are welcome. All entries will be viewed by a special committee. Only films and videos fulfillING the artistic and special technical quality rules will be chosen for the main screening.

Each film entry gives the possibility for one person to také part at the festival; the organizers will pay expencies for accommodation and full board booked by the organizer.

Other participants pay their expencies themselves.

Awarded films will stay in the videotheke of the festival. The organizers reserve the right to produce copies of other films entered. They will be used only for non commercional distribution. By entering the film the aplicant gives, in the name of the film owner, agreement with the terms of this competition statute.

The amateur competition is judged by A jury appointed by the organizers.

Prizes awarded:

Films and application forms are available until 15th May 2017.
Notification to applicants on the selection of films until 26th May 2017.
Requests for accommodation until 2nd June 2017.

Unawarded films will be returned at the request of the applicant within one month after the end of IUTYT.

Image recording in format MPEG -4/H.264 can be taken at the facilities available for example - cameras, digital cameras, i Pad, i Phones - send on a data bearer to organizer´s address.

Films and videos are avaible for the competition on DVD (DVD Video), Blue-ray (MPEG 2, AVCHD ). Other formats will not be accepted.

Films can be sent electronically via servis for data sharing to the contact addresse.

Maximum duration – we recommend max. 30 minutes. All films and covers must be clearly marked with name and address of the filmmaker.

Each film entered must be on a separate medium. There has to be scripts in English, German, French or Spanish sent to organizers with films that are not in THE Czech or Slovak language. Films must be accompanied with anotation. This condition must be respected otherwise films will not be allowed to enter the competition.

Mgr. art Jan Maděrič
Klub kultury, Hradební 1198,
686 60 Uherské Hradiště, Czech Republic
tel.+420 572 430 426
e-mail: maderic@kkuh.cz, slovackova@kkuh.cz (English spoken)