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The 43st Photo Competition is held this year. The dealine is 20th of May. 

Let us inform You the film competition It´s Up To You Too is NOT DONE this year. 


„It’s up to you too“ was an international amateur thematic film festival which aim is to observe the public on films that basically express the ecological aspects of human beings in todays’ world. Intergral part of the festival is accompaniment of expert, cultural and social programmes, lectures, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, art programmes, farmer markets, presentations, trips, excursions and activities for children and adults. The festival „IUTYT“ began in Uherské Hradiště (Czech Republic) when communist censorship era limited the freedom of the film creators. Mostly, ecological problems were taboo for artists and publicists. The neccesity of truth brought a team of local enthusiasts to the idea of organizing an amateur film screening. Those were less controlled by the state. Mr. Josef Velek - an important publicist journalist and environmentalist was one of the founders. The film competiton has become international.

The festival „IUTYT“ is a show of ecological films, creating a place for inventors to meet, to those who are working hard to submit only claims of high significance, their concience, intelect and feel for beauty.